Anonymous asked: "(1) Why do people insist that the entire world just woke up one day and everyone was accepting of homosexuality? America is only a small part of the world and while 1D make most of their money here, they also make money from other countries and with other countries comes different cultural beliefs, values, and religion. Stop being narrow minded for about 5 seconds and realize that no matter what, it will never be a good idea for H&L to come out while they're still in this band. Stop using"

(2) “acceptance” for the reason that, IF THEY WERE REALLY GAY THEY WOULD’VE COME OUT ALREADY LIKE OMG EVERYONE’S ACCEPTING IT’S 2014. Because it’s just not true and likely never will be. Their management only cares about money and if there’s even a small chance that they’ll lose a good amount, they won’t let it happen. There’s been lies and secrets in this industry for years and no matter what your little 13 year old heart believes, we only see what they want us to see.

Anonymous asked: "There's another consideration that made me think maybe it's all fantasy, and it's the fact he turned it into an ISSUE. "management" wouldn't make it an issue, they just wouldn't. Louis did that of his own accord because maybe it was all having fun for a while, but he really did just get sick of all the hate you speak of. He LET opinions of strangers get to him, something that ruined the relationship, not the fans. I feel sorry for Harry most of all... he lost Louis due to Louis' own weakness."

I truly and honestly do not understand how you can’t believe that the massive amount of financial managers and PR people behind the highly profitable business that is One Direction would make absolutely no issue out of two of their members being in a relationship. Most of the time it’s hard enough for one celebrity to come out with the approval of their team, much less two in one band who are together. It’s not about morals, it’s about money.

If you think Louis is “weak” and his relationship with Harry is “ruined,” you are not. paying. attention. Frankly, I have no time or patience for people who believe every single thing they read on the internet and think Louis is weak despite significant evidence that he is exactly the opposite and trying his absolute hardest to break away from the rules he’s meant to be following.

We get messages like this every single day and we still have more from you sitting in the inbox. If you used to believe in Louis & Harry’s relationship and now you don’t anymore and you’re sad about it, that’s on you. We have no obligation to walk you through every little detail of how this situation works, and I have no patience to put up with people who are gullible enough to believe the illogical story and conflicting narratives that are being sold to them. Sorry you’ve given up on them, but it’s not my job to sit here all morning comforting you and telling you you’re right. Please refrain from sending us any more messages, thanks.


Anonymous asked: "You are always going to receive hate from people in the public eye no matter what you do! Just because the hate is directed at homosexuality for those unfortunate people, doesn't mean that homosexuality isn't for the majority accepted by people. I think we're still "changing" into the people that can be more accepting, don't you think? It would send a wonderful positive message to girls everywhere if they had "come out". The reason they didn't was because maybe Louis just doesn't..swing that way"

The percentage of people in the US who support same-sex marriage generally hovers around the 50% range. That’s still a LOT of people who aren’t cool with the idea of gay relationships. And yes, coming out would send an amazing message to countless kids who are struggling with their sexuality. But it’s not that simple. If you think Louis and Harry are the only ones involved in the decision to come out, in a world where countless actors and singers are pushed into the closet by managers and image clauses for years and years, you’re extremely naive.


downsofar asked: "As a follow-up, also people need to think about who dishes out the money for tickets and merch. If the target audience are teen girls - it's the parents spending the majority of the money to take them to concerts, buy merch & buy albums. If the parents vehemently disapprove of same sex relationships, but the fan does not, do you think the parents will pay for the tickets if the fan is short on cash? The albums? No. The cash flow becomes in jeopardy & THAT is a problem to ppl behind the scenes"

Once again, bless you!

-Martha x

downsofar asked: "I just want to chime in with my two cents. Boy bands and their management teams have always done their best to make every member look and seem "straight." Why? Because it sells. Target audiences for boy bands are teen girls and what do teen girls do? Dream of marrying a cute boy. Specifically the boy whose posters cover her wall. That dream is crushed if they are gay. It's about marketing, making money & knowing boy bands have a short life span so do what you can to sell sell sell."

Bless you!

-Martha x

Anonymous asked: "I also want you to think about the day and age we are in, where being gay is not necessarily a "bad" thing to most reasonable thinking people. What kind of message does their company send to the world by covering up a gay partnership? They would be absolutely ruined and out of business if it ever came to light that they covered up something now accepted, for the most part, in the western world. Accepted to the point of a Larry fandom no less. There have been recent upheavals to marriage laws etc"

The day and age where in where Louis, Harry, and the other boys get countless tweets like “thanks for making him gay, faggot.”.  The day and age where coming out still gets teenagers kicked out of their homes daily.  The day and age where yes the marriage laws are changing but it is still an issue in the US AKA one of 1D’s biggest markets.  The day and age where Harry showing support of LGBT causes leads to him getting hate speech thrown at him nonstop.  The day and age where sexualities such as bisexuality, pansexuality, etc are seen as not real so even if they came out as that, they’d be labeled gay anyway.  ”Now accepted”  I’d like to live in this world you’re in, it sounds lovely but the one I’m in has average to marginal acceptance.  


Anonymous asked: "It's me again about the Larry BS question. My point is, there is literally no reason for "the management" or whatever to even acknowledge it. When the Larry love is just that, complete love and adoration of the band they're trying to promote. How can you keep saying it wasn't him that did it, when from a marketing standpoint he has nothing to gain by appearing to be a dick to his biggest fans? It only created a hateful subculture of fandom that victimised him "Poor Louis, victim of gay inuendo"."

That’s what they wanted, they wanted everyone to go “oh poor Louis!”  They wanted the fandom to turn on the idea because then they would have an easier time hiding it.  It didn’t, people still passionately thought it and now what do we have?  2/5 who interact much less than the others despite once being inseparable.  They will do ANYTHING to keep people from thinking Louis and Harry are more than friends.


Anonymous asked: "You said earlier that nothing made you question H&L, however.. what about the time Louis raged and made that tweet about Larry being the biggest BS ever? If he were a smarter man, or if he truly didn't mind Larry, why not just ignore it and let fans do as they please? It makes the fandom happy and they get +popularity points, so why the hell did he care? That got me to thinking that it *really* bothers him, and after I heard about it, I just felt so sad inside... like the fantasy was taken away."

I don’t understand how people still think Louis tweeted that of his own free will.  It’s 2014.

- Martha 

Anonymous asked: "What do you think of Louis' most recent favourited tweet? Do you think he did it while thinking in terms of Eleanor or Harry or do you think it was simply spontaneous and will be removed soon because Modest doesn't want people questioning Louis and Eleanor's relationship? I'm seriously curious about your opinions!"

I really doubt it’s about any 1D boy or even Eleanor.  It may be about no one but he likes the quote or, maybe, it’s about his birth father or any family member.

-Martha x

Anonymous asked: "I've already voted :) I know they're on tour but the TCA will be held August 10 and they have a free day between the August 9 concert in Foxboro and the August 11 concert in Washington(according to Wiki)...I don't know maybe they did it on purpose to attend or maybe not :/ I guess we'll se! Anyway, I hope they'll win :)"

Oh then maybe they will!  TCA’s often snub people who can’t attend tbh so getting 7 is telling but also One Direction are one of the biggest, if not the biggest, act for the demographic so it’d be shocking if they got nothing.  I do too, they probably will but let’s give them a clean sweep!

-Martha x