The boys did a Ustream today and there were a few good Larry moments!

They start at 7:00 when Louis “refuses” to play the game and he shares an amused look with Harry.

9:03:  They share a little look and joke but it’s unclear what they are saying.

Then at 9:43, they share a laugh after roughing Liam up a bit.

When Harry wants Louis’s attention at 11:08, he gently taps his thigh.

The interviewer then shows Harry a drawing of himself and when Harry seems to not like it, Louis announces that he hates it at 13:55.

At 15:16, both Louis and Harry make sarcastic comments but when Harry does it, Louis teases him and tells him not to be sarcastic.

When it’s Harry’s turn to play a game (from 18:00-20:00), Louis is very encouraging of his “skills with balls”

At 23:40, Harry begins staring at Louis and biting down on his finger which he’s done before (sexual frustration much?)

Then when Louis takes to adding some artistic flare to their interviewers face at the end, Harry is the first to notice and start laughing.

All in all, a fun interview full of Larry!

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